The Taste of Tirol – Regional and Seasonal

Food from the Region

The Gourmet Hotel Sportalm places particular value on food from the region. We offer our guests sustainable, regional cuisine. We prefer food from biological, local agriculture. Because of this, we attach great importance to seasonal products and their creative use to the highest standard, and they are always a permanent part of our gourmet cuisine.

When you know where your food comes from you can be sure that its quality is of the correct standard. In the Gourmet Hotel Sportalm, we rely on suppliers from Tyrol and on sustainable and healthy production. You can taste the difference in our restaurant.

Our Partners and Suppliers

Wherever possible, we work together with regional producers from Tyrol. For example:

  • We purchase meats and sausages from the Huber butchers in Kitzbühel, who prefer to work with local farmers.
  • We get our milk directly from the Fleckalm, where happy cows live at 1600 metres above sea level.
  • Jams are made right here in the hotel.
  • Herbs grow and flourish in our very own garden.
  • We get the prosciutto for our original Italian prosciutto slicer from the Friuli region, from a local farmer.

Relish the food in the Gourmet Hotel and book your holiday in Tyrol online directly or send a no-obligation holiday enquiry.