Vegetarian or Vegan - the Culinary Diversity

Culinary Delights for evry Taste

Extraordinary culinary diversity, does not matter if you prefere vegetaran delicacies, vegan creations or allergy caused intolerance - the cuisine of Bernhard Hochkogler is a real experience. 

Our team always take care to present surprises, balance and above all creativity on the plate. Creations with herbs, tasty meatless indulgence and "real" products - a delight not just for the eyes. Would you also dare to follow new culinary paths? Explore the creative cusine of your Gourmethotel. - The pure pleasure of eating.  

Would you like to taste a "true" juice? As an alternative and non alcoholic food companion - brings life to your glass. 

Vegan and Vegetarian highlights also start in the morning with a balanced and sumptuous breakfast buffet.