The Kitzbühel Alps

A Legendary Region in Both Winter and Summer

The Kitzbühel Alps region is the largest connected skiing region in Austria. The El Dorado for every winter athlete. As such, Kirchberg is ideal for both the Wilder Kaiser/Brixental ski world and the Kitzbühel skiing region. There is also plenty to offer here in summer.

In Winter: One of the Best Skiing Regions in the World

Those who ski in Kitzbühel are right at the very top: this skiing region is just about the best and most legendary to be found in Europe and on average has a thrilling 155 ski days of guaranteed snow. This is where the ski stars train, this is where they battle the "Streif" in the most spectacular race in the world, and this is where you, too, can find 170 km of perfect pistes and 30 km of ski routes.

Summer: Pure Diversion

But this unique mountain world also entices guests of every age in summer with its diverse hiking and biking tours. The special thing about the Kitzbühel Alps: they may not be the highest mountains in Austria, but they are some of the most beautiful and the most varied. They alternate between grassy mountains and craggy rock peaks. The paths for hikers and trails for mountain bikers are arranged in a correspondingly varied way.

Experience the breathtaking panorama of the Kitzbühel Alps on interactive panorama map.

Panoramic view on the Kitzbühel Alps
Kitzbühel Alps

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