Mountain Bike Holidays

The Reliable Partner for Your Biking Holiday in Tirol

As a member of "Mountain Bike Holidays", we are the experts for your mountain bike holiday.

Our establishment is a partner of "Mountain Bike Holidays" and is familiar with the many different demands of our bikers. Whether they are ambitious bike athletes, freeriders, true climbing enthusiasts or recreational cyclists focussing on relaxation, but who also break out their road bikes from time to time – our guide, Philipp Haueis, will put together the right tour for every need. 1200 km of road bike routes get every biker's heart pounding. The various joint family tours are also fun and guarantee unforgettable nature adventures.

We offer tours in 3 different performance groups every week from Monday to Saturday.

Packages, Services, Guides & More

As a "Mountain Bike Holidays" hotel business, we offer themed packages, holiday packages with special benefits, biking tours at differing levels of performance, single track weeks, technique training, freeride action, marathon training, gourmet tours of indulgence, kids on bikes and, and, and – everything which promotes the biking motto.

The annual review, which is certified by TÜV Austria (the Technical Inspection Association), guarantees our high standard. We have been reviewed by "Mountain Bike Holidays" and certified with the category "Elite" for 2015.

Discover our biking packages or simply send us a non-binding holiday request. We look forward to welcoming you on your biking holiday in Tyrol soon.

Due to our graduation as an "ELITE" hotel of the mountainbike holidays organisation, all our biking guest benefit:

  • Min. 2 guided bike tours and trainings on six days a week with guided instructors
  • "Out of home region tours": Min. 1 guided tour to the neighbour bike area with an organised transfer to and back to the region
  • Bike technical trainings
  • Tours are also available on departure day